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The beauty of a Ted Todd hardwood floor.

There is no doubting that nature continues to provide the most stunning and majestic environments, which have been enjoyed throughout history. One of the most familiar and spectacular of these environments is the forest and our appreciation of this beauty combined with the capacity to go the extra mile means this beauty can now be expressed in your home. The magnificent and unique appearance of Ted Todd Hardwood Floors is created with the culmination of nature and our cutting edge technology. Features including grain pattern, medullary rays, knots, colour variation and unique markings are affected by nature and provide each floor with a unique personality, which cannot be recreated. Ted Todd recognises that design trends are constantly changing and thanks to the inherent qualities and characteristics of the wood itself we continually offer stunning and unique hardwood floors that will become a conversation piece for years to come. Live with nature – a Ted Todd floor is a joy to live and grow with and over its journey through time it will, like you, develop its own unique character. Unlike most carpets, laminates and vinyl that use man made plastics, all of our wood floors are 100% natural. Just as nature intended, they emit no harmful chemical pollutants or allergens. Furthermore, wood floors are proven to reduce dust particles, making any environment a healthier and cleaner place to be. Over time, your Ted Todd floor will develop a wonderful patina, something that can only happen with a 100% hardwood floor. Ted Todd wood floors really do age with grace. You are living with nature.

Ted Todd and the Environment

The largest selection of FSC® Certified Hardwood floors in Great Britain ~ over 200 FSC Certified floors available. Ted Todd think it’s our responsibility to know exactly the origin of our timber. If suppliers can’t prove where the timber has come from or that it has not been sourced in accordance with our strict environmental and ethical policy, we simply do not do business with them. We check the tree species in which we trade in to make sure that they are not CITES listed and where possible try to source independently verified FSC certified flooring which we supply under our FSC Chain of Custody certificate TT-COC-002154. Some people in the trade are cynical – “it may be FSC but how can you prove it?” An independent FSC-accredited certification body goes to where the wood is grown and checks the forest management against strict environmental, social and economic criteria – and they keep visiting and checking – at least every year.  If the forest management passes, then they sell the wood as FSC certified. Every stage from the forest until we sell you FSC certified flooring is independently checked by an FSC-accredited certification body.

Ted Todd Guarantee

Enjoy the uncompromising quality of Ted Todd Hardwood Flooring. As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring we ensure exacting standards in durability, performance and beauty of our products and services that is reflected in our twenty year guarantee across our product range. To keep your floor looking as stunning as the day it was installed we recommend using our exclusive range of hardwood flooring maintenance products. Specifically designed and manufactured exclusively for the flooring range on this website they are an intrinsic part of our range. This easy to use range will guarantee the perfect maintenance every time. A full copy of our Terms & Conditions is available on request. 100 percent hardwood 100% Hardwood Guarantee. Our engineered boards use only the highest quality FSC® certified Birch ply and each layer is made with a complete piece of veneer. All of our engineered hardwood floors are constructed of nothing less than 100% hardwood ensuring you receive the highest quality you have come to expect from Ted Todd. Engineered wood flooring is precision-made from layered sections of solid wood bonded together. With Ted Todd engineered wood, the grain of each piece runs in a different direction to the adjacent layer, enhancing strength and resilience and reducing the woods natural tendency to expand and contract. This means they are less susceptible to movement from moisture or heat and thus are recommended for use with underfloor heating.

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