Pine Flooring

Solid wooden floors are more popular than they have ever been, not only are they common in older period properties, but they are also popular in more modern houses. Many people will lay hardwood flooring; however this can be quite expensive.

Another option would be to lay pine flooring; this provides a number of similar benefits to laying hardwood flooring but saves you quite a lot of money. Pine flooring is also very durable and can be purchased in a number of different finishes. Pine floors are the ideal choice for use in a modern city loft, but they also suit traditional cottages. Homes in Scandinavia make good use of pine flooring.

Softwood flooring is as its name suggests softer than hardwood, however it is normally possible to repair any dents and scratches fairly easily. Many people actually like the extra character a floor gets with the surface marks. However modern pine floors are actually very durable and hard wearing because of new compression techniques.

Whenever you are considering laying any type of floor in your home you need to first consider the level of traffic you expect through the area, also will there be people with dirty shoes walking on the floor? By thinking about these you can find the right flooring material for you.
You should not use any pine wood for flooring, you should buy specialist packs of pine wood flooring, this wood is dried in a kiln so that shrinkage is kept to a minimal.

The flooring packs should have tong and groove fittings to make laying the floor easy and should have fitting instructions inside the pack. It’s important that flooring pine wood is taken from the heartwood of slow growth timber for maximum stability. Most of the floors will also be grooved on the back to help reduce stresses.

There’s nothing quite like a pine floor to brighten up your home, just make sure that when you get it you look after it properly.

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