Maple Flooring

If you are thinking about what to put on your floor, then you have quite a few different options. One great option is laying a hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring is a very beautiful and hardwearing product. Wood used on floors can include maple, bamboo, oak, cherry and ash. Hardwood flooring does require specialist care; you must mop up any spills quickly to avoid staining.

You can purchase hardwood flooring which are either solid planks of wood, or engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered flooring is not only a cheaper option but it is also much easier to fit. Engineered floors are where a layer of your expensive wood is placed on top of a softer material; in this case maple would be placed on top of a softer wood. This however will mean that you can only sand the floor down so many times before you reach the softer wood layer, depending on the quality of the engineered floor you purchase the veneer will be different thicknesses.

Maple flooring is a very hard wearing and durable wood which is ideally suited to use on floors. It is actually one of the hardest woods which you can get. The wood has a unique and enchanting look; the grain is very close which adds to the durability. Maple flooring is commonly used in gymnasiums and other areas which require a very hardwearing surface. Not only is maple hardwearing but it is also a very beautiful wood, for these reasons it’s commonly used in contemporary houses and offices. It’s a unique wood which looks stunning!

Maple flooring is expensive compared to some other woods, however it should last you for a life time. As long as you care for it properly by polishing and cleaning up spillages as soon as possible then the floor should look as good as new for a very long time to come. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to make sure your floor lasts for as long as possible.

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