• wooden floors - explore the beauty within

    Hardwood flooring can significantly increase the value of your home because it is classic, durable and induces a warm ambiance to any room. However, whilst natural solid hardwood floors have …

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  • what is fsc?

    We are very proud of the fact that the vast majority of our products are all FSC. …

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  • acclimatising a wood floor

    Factors including temperature, moisture, and humidity are all present in your home and will have an effect on your new flooring, causing it to expand and contract as conditions change.

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  • engineered or solid....flooring types easily explained

    Engineered flooring:

    An engineered board is, quite simply, a timber board which consists of more than one layer. By …

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  • wood flooring grades



    Here at Woodenfloors, we sell timber products from many different countries, each having different grading rules and industry standards. Unfortunately, there is …

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  • new ted todd products in store now

    We are delighted to now be able to show a new selection of Ted Todd products in store, from the Project, Warehouse and Artisan ranges. These new lines are available …

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  • What is a bevelled edge & square shoulder???

    Bevelled edges vs. Square shoulders

    You may have heard the terms bevelled edge or square shoulder before, but not been sure what it means. Well a bevel is …

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  • Heronslea win National Property Award 2016 - using our timber flooring!!!!

    We are delighted that one of our partners, Heronslea Developments, have won the National Property Award 2016 for the newly built Renaissance in Hadley Wood.

    We were commissioned to supply and …

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  • 2017 Flooring Trends

    Nearly a quarter of homeowners are upping their budget this year for at least one area of their property – and flooring is leading the way.

    Home improvement marketplace ‘Plentific’ revealed …

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